Artistically Digital


Artistically Digital is a digital art workshop for the iPad taught by artist KJ DeWaal.

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Artistically Digital is a digital art workshop for anyone who wants to learn how to create digital art on their iPhone or iPad.  This course is geared toward IOS users.  Many of the apps used are not available for Android products, therefore Android devices will not be covered.

The focus of the 3 main projects will be to cover the following digital art techniques:  cropping, adjusting exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, how to introduce background blur and use a mask to remove from the main subject.  How to apply filters, textures, gradients, patterns, and overlay layers using a variety of blend modes and opacities.  The bonus project will incorporate all of those techniques as well as introducing brushwork to further enhance the artistic quality of the completed artwork by giving it interest, depth, and texture.  There is also a Bonus Creativity Challenge that is going to be a lot of fun.  You definitely don’t want to miss that.





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