Vintage Beauty

I have found more and more lately that I have been dating my iPhone when it comes to picture taking and have totally been cheating on my DSLR.  Like everyone else, my phone is always with me and it is so convenient to take it out to snap pictures at any given time.  Recently, I pulled out my DSLR, chose a lens, and set up some still life shots. I spent about a 1/2 hour clicking away.  Guess what? I had so much fun!

While using our mobile devices is quicker, easier, and more convenient because we always have them with us, there is really something to be said for the imagery that we can get when using our DSLRs.  Here are a couple shots from the little session I did.  I shot in raw with a 50mm lens.  Afterward, I loaded the files into Lightroom to process.  To give them the finishing touch, I popped over to Photoshop to apply textures to give them the images a more artistic look.  I am so pleased with the final results.  What do you think?


Tattered Rose

Going forward, I need to remember not to “date” my iPhone exclusively and to also spend quality time with my DSLR as well.

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