On My Art Table

On My Art Table

On my art table…

I spent quite a bit of time preparing all of these beautiful resources to be used in upcoming mixed media and encaustic  projects.

I absolutely love working with natural fiber papers in my artwork.  There is nothing like how they feel when you are handling them and they add such a wonderful texture to the piece you are creating.  Are they a favorite of yours as well?  While they can be a bit pricey, you do get a whole sheet that can then be torn apart and used in several different pieces.  If you haven’t tried them before and would like to, your local art store should have a wide selection to choose from in a variety of prices to get you started using them at a reasonable cost.  Purchasing a few each time you make a trip for supplies will allow you to slowly build a stash to use in your creations.

While not all the papers shown in this picture are natural fiber, I did prepare them all for future use using a new technique that I learned about and couldn’t wait to try.  You see, these papers all have been “waxed”.  Have you every tried this technique?  Each piece has been saturated with hot beeswax and allowed to cool.  The beeswax gives a warm luminosity to the printed pieces and another look and feel to the natural fiber pieces.  I was drawn to it the first time I saw it done and the possibilities to use these pieces in further artworks is endless.

Be on the lookout for new original artworks incorporating these items in the near future!

KJ DeWaal

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